Juicy Lips

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SHAPE: Regular Coffin

Regular Coffin
Regular Coffin
Short Coffin


A design that mimics the look of freshly applied lip gloss, perfect for a playful and fun style.

Shape: -Regular Coffin -Short Coffin(slightly narrower in size)

Packing Included:

- 10 Nails

- Adhesive Tabs.

- Alcohol Wipes.

- Dual-sided file/buffer.

- Wooden Stick.

Product Main Ingredients

ABS Resin & Double-Sided Jelly Glue



Different nail shapes make slightly different fits. Recommend larger size instead of smaller while the size fits slightly smaller.

***IMPORTANT: Please be aware of

All nails are 100% pre-Handmade and Ready to Ship. We do recommend to order LARGER size while the size fits slightly smaller. You may file the nail if one or two nails fit larger.

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