We offer 10 shapes to better suit your slaying style! Each fit subtly different. All nails below shown are the same size and pictured in a 13mm width finger so you can see how some do fit larger or more narrow than true.

  1. Oval Short: This shape is only offered as a special request- and only for specific designs. Perfect for those who like the natural gel mani look. Because it is slightly flared at the top and super short in length, they may reveal some nail at the tip and the side walls towards the tip- even when fitting at the cuticle. 
  2. Oval Regular: This shape regular length is shorter than other shapes regular.
  3. Oval Long: This shape runs deep in the c- curve from wall to wall. While this set runs true to size, the fit can feel a bit more "pinched" due to the C curve on the sidewalls. 
  4. Square short: these nails have a slight flare at the tip, making the tip wider than the cuticle with a soft square edge. The thumb is shorter by comparison to the other nails in this shape set. Consider the regular square if you like a more tapered look.
  5. Square RegularTrue to the size.This shape square tips are flat and have squared edges. But it has an ever so slight taper at the tip & sides, making it look less wide and more elegant.
  6. BallerinaThis nail shape in particular has a quick taper, so natural nail beds which are wider at the tip may reveal some nail at the side walls towards the tip- even when fitting at the cuticle. 
  7. Coffin Regular: This shape has a standard fit and runs true to size.  The length is a good mid length.   
  8. Coffin Long: It runs long & fits true to size. This nail fits the nail bed without the  pinch.
  9. AlmondThe length is a good regular mid length, with a sculpted shape...meaning this nail had a c curve tip and body. The longer your nail bed is, the less free edge will hang over and feel "shorter."  The shorter your nail bed is, the longer they will feel.  
  10. Stiletto: This shape is true to the size. It has a long fit, and and runs true to size.