Eye Shadow Palette 45 Colors

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QTY: 1 pc

1 pc
1 pc
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Shelf Life: 3 Years

Applicable To The Crowd: General

Texture: Powder, Matte

Product Name: Eye Shadow


1. Progressive Color Matching, Low Saturation Color System, 3 Kinds Of Texture, Natural And Clear, Novice Friendly, Casual Matching

2. Slight Flash Matte, Low Frequency Fine Flash Novice Love

3. Drill Flash Mashed Potatoes, Soft Waxy Silky, Smart And Shining

4. Smooth Matte, Delicate And Light Natural Skin

5. Mashed Potatoes Wet Soft Waxy Texture, Improve The Adhesion Of Broken Flash Color Chips

6. Long-lasting Smart, Sequin Color Blocks, Are Slightly Raised Granular, Strip-shaped Embossing, Convenient To Take Powder, Uniform Color And Color Sticking Skin

7. The Use Of Different Sizes Of Soft, Polymer Mixed Soft Polymer, Modified Eye Skin Bump, Not Easy To Float Powder

Package Included:

1 * eye shadow plate

    SKU: ES-1001-1