This summer, our love affair with shimmering, shiny, and metallic nail shades shows no signs of waning. Inspired by the original glazed doughnut manicure, as famously flaunted by Hailey Bieber, a plethora of fresh and captivating manicure trends have emerged. One trend, in particular, is heating up alongside rising temperatures—the irresistible "vanilla chrome" look.

Building upon the reflective allure of the glazed manicure trend, the vanilla chrome manicure infuses a pearly vanilla twist, captivating the attention of millions with its mesmerizing appeal. With 13.8 million views on TikTok, this trend has caught the imagination of nail enthusiasts seeking a subtle yet striking manicure option that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. Alexandra Teleki, also known as The Hot Blend on Instagram and TikTok, is the mastermind behind this trend, describing it as a clean and understated manicure that creates a beautiful silvery shade when it catches the light.

The magic of the vanilla chrome mani, which flatters all skin tones, is that it works like the glazed doughnut effect did. To recreate the look at home? Introducing our Press-On Nails: Shimmering Sophistication Made Easy

Here at Luvher Beauty, we're thrilled to introduce our exquisite press-on nails that embody the captivating allure of the vanilla chrome trend. Our range of meticulously handcrafted press-on nails combines the timeless elegance of pearly vanilla hues with the undeniable allure of chrome finishes. From our Ready-to-Ship collection, you can effortlessly achieve the vanilla chrome look in the comfort of your own home with minimum waiting time. Let the interplay of light create beautiful silvery shades on your fingertips, showcasing your impeccable style and sophistication. With convenience and style combined, our press-on nails offer a hassle-free way to embrace the allure of the vanilla chrome trend. Elevate your manicure game and make a lasting impression with our exquisite collection of press-on nails today.


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