High Density Platinum Glue

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Color: Rose Gold

Rose Gold
Rose Gold
Platinum Silver
Champagne Gold


Category: Builder Gel

Product Specifications: 8ml /bottle

Shelf Life: Two Years

Usage Steps:Apply Primer And Backlight For 30 Seconds - Apply 1 To 2 Times Of Color Glue And Backlight,30s - Apply Sealant And Backlight For 60s - Complete

Product Features: Multiple Color Options, High Durability, Strong Gloss

Ingredients: acrylic copolymers, acrylic esters, cellulose acetate butyrate, microcrystalline wax, etc.


1. Long-lasting Bright, Moist And Shiny, Firm And Long-lasting

2. No Irritating Odor, Waterproof And Anti-warping, Redefining The Fusion Of Nature And Fingertip Color

3. An Essential Tool For Professional Salon Use And Beginner Practice

4. Stylish And Beautiful Design, High-quality Materials, Easy To Use

5. Simple And Easy To Use, The Product Comes In Many Different Colors And Multiple Options

6. Environmentally Friendly Material, No Bubbles And Whitening, No Irritating Smell, Can Come Into Contact With Skin

7. Super Sticky, Super Strong Adhesion, Long-lasting And Firm

Package Included:

1 x  Platinum Glue

SKU: GB-1001-1