Ready to Ship: Within 2 days

Handmade on Demand: Currently 5+- days


We take great care in designing & creating your set by hand. While your set may take only a few hours to make, we have several orders in process. Your set will be created in the order it was received.

** shipping times subject to change



Please allow the stated number of days for delivery, after production time. Verify with courier delivery prior to completing purchase transaction.

When your order is preparing to ship, you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number.  Package will ship to the address on file. If your order has not yet shipped, and you wish to change the delivery address- you will need to CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY before it is shipped. However, you cannot change the address once it is shipped. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure an accurate, current, and safe delivery address. 

Packages (due to incorrect address info) will not be reshipped but may be collected from the post office. If it is not collected in time, your package may be destroyed by the courier company. Please contact the local courier number to avoid any issues. In such case, packages are not eligible for refund. 

Once packages are shipped, they are tracked but out of our hands...for this reason we cannot be responsible for lost, damaged, mis-delivered, or stolen parcels. We will do our best to assist you in locating mis-delivered items but cannot guarantee replacement. It is the buyers responsibility to contact the local post office for assistance in locating package. All tracking is provided by store email.


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